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9-Year Old Jade Bonsai – Informal Upright Style

9-Year Old Jade Bonsai – Informal Upright Style


Beautifully designed jade bonsai with clearly visible branch structure and lush green canopy. It is a healthy bonsai and has been pot-bound for the past 2 years. The canopy will keep getting dense with each pruning session.

Height -20 inches

Trunk Diameter – 2.5 inches

Canopy – 12 inches wide

Key Features

  • Best gifting plant for loved ones
  • Considered as a lucky plant
  • Beautiful plant with good canopy
  • A low maintenance plant
  • Needs less water and ample sunlight
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor placement depending upon the availability of sunlight

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Jade bonsai plants can be placed indoors as well as outdoors depending upon the availability of sunlight. They live healthily when they get direct sunlight for few hours. Jade plant is suitable for outdoors placed in full sunlight or in shady area.


Jade is a water retaining plant and needs less watering. Plant can be watered once daily when placed outdoors or when the soil appears to be dry.


Prune timely to maintain the shape of the plant.


Repotting should be done when roots covers the whole pot or once in 1 to 2 years. Repotting with a mixture of sand, soil, lava granules, coco husk and bio compost followed by once a year is always good.


Jade is fast growing plant with delicate roots and branches. It can be fertilized with NPK fertilizer fortnightly.

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