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5 Years Old – Ficus Microcarpa Shohin Bonsai

5 Years Old – Ficus Microcarpa Shohin Bonsai


This Ficus Microcarpa is 5 years old and ariel roots enhances its beauty.

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Location: Ficus can be kept both indoors as well as outdoors. It enjoys warm and humid weather. If kept indoors, feed the plant with few hours of direct natural sunlight. For outdoors, morning sunlight is the best for growth, as harsh sunlight can damage delicate leaves and can dry new ariel roots which are key attractions of plant. Ariel roots grow well in high humidity environment. Hence a water tray can be placed nearby during summers to maintain humidity.

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Watering: A moist soil is preferable for ficus. Attention should be paid to water this plant. Water twice a day for outdoors and once a day for indoors. It should be noted that the watering depends on the location of plant. Always water ficus when the soil seems to be dry. Over watering can cause root rot.

Fertilizing: NPK 20 20 20 water soluble fertilizers are good twice a month for growing a healthy plant. Pruning: This tree grows faster when fed well. Trimming can be done when needed. Prune to remove extra or bigger leaves to warrant its beautiful shape.

Repotting: A mixture of sand, soil, lava granules, coco husk and bio compost, followed by Vermi compost once a year is always good. Always make sure that the soil mix is well draining to keep diseases away.

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