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12 Year Old Bonsai Ficus Benjamina – Informal Upright Style

12 Year Old Bonsai Ficus Benjamina – Informal Upright Style


This tropical and evergreen plant belongs to Southwest Asia where it is naturally grown. Most popular in indoor bonsai, ficus is a low-maintenance plant and the best for bonsai beginners. Thick and dense canopy with dark and light green leaves make the bonsai attractive.

Age – 12 years

Height – 19 Inches

Canopy – 13″ wide

Trunk Diameter – 1.8″

Comes with Ceramic Bonsai Pot (Pot may differ as per the availability)

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Ficus can be placed indoor as well as outdoors. Ficus plants need 2-4 hours of direct morning sunlight. Since, bonsais are pot-bound, keep them in semi-shade area during summers.


A moist soil is preferable for ficus. Twice a day for outdoors and once a day for indoors depending on the location of plant. Always water the plant when the soil seems to be dry. Over watering can cause root rot.


Twice a month during growing season for maintaining a healthy plant


Trimming can be done when needed to remove extra or bigger leaves to warrant its beautiful shape.

Repotting and Soil:

Repot once in 1 to 2 years with well drained soil. A mixture of river sand, lavarock granules, perlite, coco husk and bio compost can be used.

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