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9 Years Old Carmona (Fukien Tea) Bonsai

9 Years Old Carmona (Fukien Tea) Bonsai


Enhance your indoor space with our charming S-shaped carmona bonsai trees. With their unique curves and lush foliage, these bonsais thrive in moist soil, making them ideal for adding beauty and greenery to your home. Its tiny flowers blooms through out the year and makes it more attractive.

Carmona loves humid climate and grows fast when kept in cool place like balconies, semishade, polyhouse with indirect sunlight. Avoid placing outdoors in direct sunlight in high temperartures. It can be kept indoors for a few days occasionally.

Its a water loving plant and needs moist soil. Plant can be watered once daily when placed outdoors or when the soil appears to be dry.

Prune timely to maintain the shape of the plant.

Repotting should be done when roots cover the whole pot or once in 1 to 2 years. A mixture of sand, soil, lava granules, coco husk and bio compost is always good.

Since its a flower bonsai it needs fertilizers with more phosphorous content. Organic fertilizers like Cowdung Manure, Vermicompost, Bone Mealetc can be aaplied in every 15 days. It can be fertilized with NPK 19 19 19 fertilizer once in a month.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in

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